grace bomb


To inspire and equip followers of Jesus to exercise grace for the sake of his Kingdom.



Pat & Kristen

Patrick & Kristen Linnell are the co-founders of the Grace Bomb movement. Currently, Pat is the lead teaching Pastor at Bay Area Community Church in Annapolis, MD, and is writing his first book entitiled: Grace Bomb, becoming agents of grace in a love starved world. Kristen has a medical background and is now home raising their 4 children. One thing the Linnells love about Grace Bomb is how at any moment, the entire family can be a part of making great memories when dropping a grace bomb – the last family bomb dropped: 7-11 slurpees and waters to some construction workers on a hot summer day!


Mike & Lori

Mike and Lori Aird are passionate about helping people encounter the love of Jesus in tangible ways. Currently Mike works for a Facilities Services company and oversees client relationships and develops new business for the Mid-Atlantic region. Lori has a background in Psychology and heads the Restorative Prayer ministry at Bay Area Community Church. She also manages Indian Landing Boat Club and is currently working on her Masters Degree in Social Work. They are raising two elementary aged daughters. Mike and Lori have a passion to see old things get new life, and have been flipping houses for the past few years as well.


Brian & Pamela

Brian and Pamela Smith have been passionate about Grace Bomb since the concept was first introduced to them. They have been married for 35 years and have two children, Kayla and Kyle who live locally. They have attended Bay Area Community Church since 2004 and own/operate two Chick-fil-A restaurants in the Crofton area. Brian plays bass guitar and golf, and they both love spending time with friends. They chose to serve on the board because the ministry of encouraging others to intentionally love and care for others is a source of joy and a foundation of living out their faith in Jesus.


Tom & Francie

Tom and Francie McCollum are founding board members of Grace Bomb Company. Currently they both work in medical field. Francie is a long-time sales professional of Merck Pharmaceuticals and Tom leads a Medical Device research company. They believe that Grace Bomb is the privilege of revealing Him as they intentionally look for opportunities to love others. "If we love one another, Christ lives in us and His love is made complete through us.”


Brian & Jen

Brian and Jen Edwards have been married 18 years and have five young children. Brian works for Hague Quality Water of MD, a family-owned business. Jen has a business background and is currently helping to launch the Grace Bomb Company and also manages life with their five kids. Recently, they’ve been involved in raising money for pediatric cancer research, a cause they have become very passionate about since their own daughter was treated for cancer in 2017 at age nine. They are delighted to be a part of Grace Bomb and their favorite part about the movement is how it regularly reminds their children of the importance of demonstrating God’s love by extending love to those they encounter day to day.


Josh & Lauren

Josh has been working to bring creativity and excellence in communicating Bibical truth in non-traditional ways in and out of the church for over a decade. He has a passion to make Jesus and His message engaging in our culture. Leading a collabroative artistic team, Josh was integral in the branding and simplicity of Grace Bomb. Lauren has served in many ministry roles over the years, with a big heart for hospitality, orgainzaiton, and blessing those on the fringes of society. When they are not serving, they enjoy spending time on the baseball diamond with their two young sons.