Spread the Love

"I'm waiter in Annapolis, MD. I waited on a beautiful couple and their five gracious children tonight. One of the boys had a third eye painted on his forehead. And without hesitation, as they left I gave him a pat on the shoulder and told him to keep the third eye strong. Upon gathering their tab I found my Grace Bomb card and a generous tip. Great thing you're doing. Spread the love!"

A Big Hug

"While eating our fried cheese curd appetizer at Longhorn Steakhouse this evening (Friday), my wife and I decided we would "grace bomb" our waitress by leaving a 100% tip. Not long after deciding to, we noticed our server became swamped, working a large party besides her regular tables. When the time came, we paid our $30 check with a credit card before leaving $30 cash - along with a grace bomb card - as a tip. We weren't even out the door when our waitress came running up with a huge smile and said, "Thank you! You made my day!" and gave my wife a big hug. Once outside, my wife said, "That was pretty cool!" So who am I to argue? It was cool!"


"We went to dinner last night, as a family, at the Double T Diner in Annapolis. We started a conversation with the waitress and it was her first day on her own. She did a great job and we had a lot of fun with her. We were getting ready to pray before our food came and asked her if there was something we could pray for. She looked at us and said "really?" We said yes and a big smile came across her face. Her boyfriend's apartment had just flooded in the storms a few hours prior that night. She asked for the sun to come out and dry everything up quickly. They are low on funds and cannot afford to take any action at this point. We prayed for that very thing right then and there. She asked what church we attended and we told her Bay Area and she said she just started attending Lighthouse in Glen Burnie. She also told us she's getting baptized next Saturday! AWESOME! We left her a note about how much we enjoyed her serving us and that we'd be praying for her continued walk with the Lord. We Grace Bombed her and left a tip the same amount of the bill. Our boys were excited to participate and even pitched in with their own money. We all were blessed!