school supplies

School Supplies

"I have been struggling to find a good grace bomb idea when it hit me - as I looked around the picked over school-supply aisle. We have some school friends who spent the majority of their summer in Asia (which is home for them). I knew they would be returning late Monday - after an 18 hour flight- and I'm sure jet-lagged. Knowing the sneak-a-peek to drop school supplies was coming on Thursday we thought we would grace bomb them all their grade specific school supplies for their daughter. I tend to be one of those crazy deal-finding school supply shoppers and had 80% of what we needed already in my "extra" stash. Today we ran and grabbed what was missing and have left it to be found when they return from the airport! Bonus it forced us to get our own supplies sorted and ready too!"

The Perfect Time

"I share this reluctantly, as my wife never wants her deeds to be known and even turns down receipts for donations. But her recent generosity moved me beyond expectations. (And if she's still so generous, she'll forgive me.)

Recently, she heard about foster children moving from home to home, often without much but the clothes on their backs. The few who have toys or other belongings carry them around in joyless garbage bags. 

After a bit of research for the best deals and where to get items, she purchased some nice backpacks in all different colors. She and our son filled each one with a few school supplies and some comfort items, like blankets and a blessing book for children. 

Last Thursday, we took the backpacks to the department of social services in Baltimore - 48 bags in total. They could not believe it, and the man who met us to take the bags was delighted to see this surprise at what seemed to be the perfect time. 

Hopefully, the bags give help and happiness to many children. Seeing my wife do this while teaching our child about giving, has certainly been a grace bomb in our home."