Beautifully Folded

"My oldest niece is on her way to college and my husband and I offered to buy some clothes as a gift. We began our day at 10 a.m. at the Columbia Mall and moved from one end of the mall to the other beginning on the second floor and returning on the first floor. For those of you who know this mall, it's huge and this is a process with H.S. aged girls!

We stopped at many stores so I don't remember the store name but it was early on in our journey. We all entered a store to "look" (we're half lookers on our father's side), kind of "messed" up what was previously a beautifully folded and straightened pant and jacket table display, and ended up in the fitting room with some finds. With the girls in the dressing room and Mom, Aunt, and G'ma waiting to see the outcome, I saw how I could bless someone. Having been in retail before, knowing how frustrating it is when you complete a display only to have it destroyed in literally moments, I began to fold and reset the table display. Not to mention I overheard one of the clerks saying they had just put the display together and it didn't look like that five minutes ago! So I'm folding, getting jeered by my own family; "you gettin' paid to do that?", "payday isn't for two weeks!", "Why are you doing that?" No one's jumping in to help so I finished my mission, laid one of my grace bomb cards on top and met the rest of the family at the register to pay for the "finds." Because there were other customers in the store, prior to leaving I mentioned I left them something on the back display. They asked if I left them "money" to which I replied, "it's better than that!" Then we left the store for more shopping. It was about 3:30 p.m. when we were passing the store this took place in earlier that morning, and the gentleman who received the grace bomb was at the storefront fixing yet another display catastrophe. I knocked on the window to say hello and wave and as he returned the wave, recognizing me as the woman who left him the card, he mouthed the words "grace bomb" and gave me a thumbs up and a smile. It seemed to have made his day!"