"One of my coworkers who attends BACC introduced me to this grace bomb idea and I was inspired to do it. I had two opportunities today and didn't blow them. One was to surprise & treat her and another co-worker to lunch. The other was totally unplanned and unexpected. I went to get gas in my car later after work. A guy approached me at the gas pump. He said something about his debit card not working because there's fraud on it and he only had $1 in his wallet and needed gas to get back to the Pocomoke area of Eastern Shore. Now normally, I would shy away and perhaps think it was a lie just to get money out of me or whatever, but I thought he needed to be grace bombed. So I went in my purse and gave him $20 and he was shocked and blessed. He said so many people in this area seemed kind of snobby or mean and yet I had been kind to him. I told him that God blesses us so that we can bless others and that I was a Christian (gotta represent). He then proceeded into the store to purchase the gas and I waved at him and took off. Glad I didn't blow the opportunity."