"I witnessed my son Michael Leadmon dropping a grace bomb on a complete stranger. After church on Sunday, our family decided to grab lunch at Mission BBQ. Ironically, we were talking about the grace bomb sermon, when a man seated in the booth next to us started choking violently. It was apparent the young teenager with him couldn't help him. Michael immediately jumped out of his seat and started the heimlich maneuver. The choking man was now vomiting but still not able to breathe. The man was clearly still in distress so Michael continued over and over again until the man started to breathe again (strangely the first words he muttered were "Are you a Christian?" ) The man thanked him profusely, as did Mission BBQ. Since then the man has contacted Michael to take him out to lunch. Coincidentally, this man has his own ministry and attends a men's bible study at BACC on Monday nights. In hindsight, we now realize there were so many God moments during that day that led us to be right where we needed to be to help that poor man. God had a plan. So thrilled that Michael set aside fear and showed Christ's love."