Something Said Turn Around

"1) homeless lady on the corner of grocery store road, opposite of where I was exiting. Something (Jesus) said turn around and so what if it's three minutes out of your way to do a U turn, go give her some food and vitamin water out of your groceries and stick a grace bomb card in the bag. So I did, she said "thank you, I am so hungry, God bless you."

2) for the man working at the Goodwill drop off I clipped $10 and a grace bomb card together and handed to him after he took the bags

Looking forward to the next opportunity and my daughters were part of the experience too! Amen, thanks!"

Gas Station Witness

" I was at the Shell station on Riva Rd (where I always go for gas) and every time I go there, I see a homeless man sitting in the same spot and I have always wanted to do something for him. After pumping my gas, I went in a bought him a Gatorade and Kind bar. When I got back to my car a man was standing there staring at my car and said: "excuse me, what does that sticker mean?" (HE>i) I explained how "HE" stands for God and that he is the greatest and how he is my lord and savior. While talking to this man, I asked if he would mind keeping an eye on me as I crossed the street to go to the homeless man. I got to the man and handed him the Grace Bomb card and said: "I see you sitting here every day and wanted to get this for you, have a blessed day." He was very appreciative which made me happy that the card worked! But when I got back to my car the other man was in complete shock that he witnessed a random act of kindness and shook my hand. I also handed him a card and he asked what church I go to! I think this is a great idea and this experience was really cool! Can't wait to drop more."