gift card

She Made Someone's Day

"Our kids are loving this movement, we're teaching them to be finders. Find someone who's working hard, or maybe someone who looks down on their luck and surprise them with a gift of love. So, while taking a snack break at Chick-Fil-A, waiting on another child to finish his activity. Our daughter spotted the worker who's responsible for wiping down the tables. She asked if she could grace bomb her. So we gave her the $15 Visa Gift card and a grace bomb card. The worker was shocked, but better yet was the look on our daughters face when she realized she made someone's day; it's a lovely way to teach them that tangibly it's better to give than to receive."

How About We Trade

"While waiting at the drive-thru at Wendy's, after ordering the chive baked potato (let's face it, that's really not a drive-thru food). I could tell the employee wasn't having a great day. I even said; "one of those days, huh?" she smiled and nodded her head. As I waited and of course listened to Christian radio. I could see the gentleman behind me who was obviously getting a lesson in patience; I pondered if I should pull over and go inside so he could be served next and quickly, but no one would return to the window for me to ask. In any case, while I waited, I pulled out the $10 Target gift card, that Target gave free because I spent oodles of money on school supplies, quickly wrapped it up with a Grace Bomb card, and when she handed me my food, I merely said "thanks, and how about we trade." Then drove off. I was hopeful the gentlemen behind me was kind to her, but at least I left her with an uptick of kindness in her seemingly long day!"


"While I was sitting at the front desk at my job, a therapeutic massage place, a man came in with a smile and he greeted my co-worker and I. He said, "Here you go, maybe you can get a coffee or two. You have a great day!" He handed me a Starbucks gift card worth $10. It was such a nice surprise after having a hard week. I will definitely be "grace bombing" someone in the near future. (:"


"I got home today from work to find an envelope taped to my door with this note, a grace bomb card, and a gift card for diapers. Safe to say this made me cry and feel so loved. 

"I overheard a conversation you were having in the target check out when someone asked you if you were married, and proceeded to tell you what a shame it was your child was going to suffer from a broken home. Your response was so steady, I can only imagine it wasn't the first time you had met these comments. 

I heard you tell her you felt so grateful that despite your sins God entrusted you with becoming a mother, that no matter the circumstances you and your baby would be okay because you trusted in Christ and the unconditional love of God's gift. Then you continued a conversation which ended up with inviting her to Bay Area. 

While I don't know you, I know of you from church and I will admit I judged and gossiped about you when I heard you were single and pregnant. I can't imagine if I had to walk through life for nine months let alone motherhood feeling that shame and disappointment from others for my sins. Your confidence inspires me, I pray for you that you continue to draw close to Jesus and have no doubt that your openness is being used to reach others. 

I hope you can forgive me, and that this grace bomb helps you along your journey."