Full Circle

"I was so excited for my five-year-old son to see a grace bomb come full circle recently at the local carnival. He happily grace bombed a random family, giving half of his tickets away which was awesome to see. But his generosity came full circle when one of the ride attendants let him on for free to ride with his friend. God definitely set that up perfectly!"

Every Ride I Give

"I am currently driving for Uber until I find a full-time job. I dropped a grace bomb to a couple leaving Annapolis to BWI airport after seeing their Plebe son during Parents Weekend. They were so stunned and thankful, especially after I explained this was through our local church. Their son has been looking for a local church and they were so excited while I was sharing about our church, they were online on the church website and texting their son, they found a church for him!

So I have been out of work for a few months now and have been an Uber driver to bring in some income. During this grace Bomb series, I have been giving free rides to people and handing out the card. Not only have I been able to talk about grace and at times, share the love of Jesus, I have been grace bombed myself - by Jesus! I have been so down about our family's struggling situation not realizing Jesus is grace bombing me with every ride I give. He is lovingly reminding me to continue to follow Him and He will provide our needs. Thank you so much, Jesus! Through Uber, I have found a part-time office job with a local company. The position may turn full-time and our family will be alright. Thank you, Jesus! Even after this series, I am still going to grace bomb people, it's just the right thing to do."


"Me and my daughter have been so excited to be part of this grace bombing project. We have been paying the toll for the person behind us for three weeks now, having the cashier pass the card along. Today, the cashier said this is the 2nd one I've passed along today, what is it? I told him to come check out the website, that Grace is a free gift. He smiled and said he liked that and would check out the website. The older couple behind us whose toll we paid were all smiles the whole way home behind us. This I know because we were in very heavy traffic and there were not many smiles faces around. It felt good to make five people happy during a not so good time of heavy traffic. Me, my nine-year-old girl, the cashier, and the couple behind us, all from a small $4.00. Amazing. And we have a whole stack left of grace bombs! 😊"