"I got home today from work to find an envelope taped to my door with this note, a grace bomb card, and a gift card for diapers. Safe to say this made me cry and feel so loved. 

"I overheard a conversation you were having in the target check out when someone asked you if you were married, and proceeded to tell you what a shame it was your child was going to suffer from a broken home. Your response was so steady, I can only imagine it wasn't the first time you had met these comments. 

I heard you tell her you felt so grateful that despite your sins God entrusted you with becoming a mother, that no matter the circumstances you and your baby would be okay because you trusted in Christ and the unconditional love of God's gift. Then you continued a conversation which ended up with inviting her to Bay Area. 

While I don't know you, I know of you from church and I will admit I judged and gossiped about you when I heard you were single and pregnant. I can't imagine if I had to walk through life for nine months let alone motherhood feeling that shame and disappointment from others for my sins. Your confidence inspires me, I pray for you that you continue to draw close to Jesus and have no doubt that your openness is being used to reach others. 

I hope you can forgive me, and that this grace bomb helps you along your journey."