"My sweet new neighbors, Carmen 6 and Marissa 10, baked me my favorite peanut butter cookies. They had asked me about a week before my favorite cookie, just in conversation, so I thought. I had taken a much need personal day off from work this week and came home to plate of fresh, homemade, delicious cookies! Feeling Blessed. What a great way to share some love, can't wait to pay it forward!!! Thank you."


"The military just moved us here to Maryland six weeks ago and we couldn't be happier to find a church family. I believe God has used my family to Grace Bomb people all over the country. 16 years and eight moves later, we have the pleasure of now Grace Bombing Maryland! Today we baked my husband's famous brown butter chocolate chip cookies and Grace Bombed neighbors with them. Not because we had to, but because we wanted to. That's what Grace Bombing people do!"

Cookie Delivery

"My family lives in Bay City (one of the areas hit by Sunday nights tornado). Today my daughter and I baked six dozen cookies and recruited some help from a friend's kids. We delivered the cookies to the workers who have been going non-stop since the tornado hit to clear debris, cover homes and restore power. We are so grateful to them and really hope and pray this helps bring even one person to know the mercy and grace in Gods love."