How About We Trade

"While waiting at the drive-thru at Wendy's, after ordering the chive baked potato (let's face it, that's really not a drive-thru food). I could tell the employee wasn't having a great day. I even said; "one of those days, huh?" she smiled and nodded her head. As I waited and of course listened to Christian radio. I could see the gentleman behind me who was obviously getting a lesson in patience; I pondered if I should pull over and go inside so he could be served next and quickly, but no one would return to the window for me to ask. In any case, while I waited, I pulled out the $10 Target gift card, that Target gave free because I spent oodles of money on school supplies, quickly wrapped it up with a Grace Bomb card, and when she handed me my food, I merely said "thanks, and how about we trade." Then drove off. I was hopeful the gentlemen behind me was kind to her, but at least I left her with an uptick of kindness in her seemingly long day!"


"I Graced Bombed the McDonalds that I frequently drive through for my morning iced coffee. I drove up to pay and told the cashier (young guy) that we were going to have some fun this morning! He looked at me strangely at first and I explained that I had three Grace Bomb cards from my church and gave him $20.00 to pay for the next few orders that came through. All he had to do was give them a card and let them know someone paid ahead. He was excited to do it and I gave him $5 to get some lunch!"


"Me and my daughter have been so excited to be part of this grace bombing project. We have been paying the toll for the person behind us for three weeks now, having the cashier pass the card along. Today, the cashier said this is the 2nd one I've passed along today, what is it? I told him to come check out the website, that Grace is a free gift. He smiled and said he liked that and would check out the website. The older couple behind us whose toll we paid were all smiles the whole way home behind us. This I know because we were in very heavy traffic and there were not many smiles faces around. It felt good to make five people happy during a not so good time of heavy traffic. Me, my nine-year-old girl, the cashier, and the couple behind us, all from a small $4.00. Amazing. And we have a whole stack left of grace bombs! 😊"