Going to Puerto Rico

"My childhood friend, Ruthann, grace bombed me with an amazing week-long timeshare in Puerto Rico! To top it off, an amazing couple from BACC (who asked not to be named) grace bombed me with $500 to spend! This was a huge blessing as I'm self-employed and no work means no income. And the grace continues. I invited two friends from BACC to go with me to Puerto Rico - Tori and Susan. Susan then grace bombed us with excursions and a plane ticket which was unbelievable. So, in response, God prompted me to grace bomb a friend's cousin who doesn't know Jesus with $100 of that money. She has been studying & struggling to be an actress in NYC. Her response, "Your letter came in the post today, and I got such a lovely surprise opening it! Thank you so much!!! That is incredibly kind and generous of you, I'm really touched. What a lovely thing to do -- thank you!" May she come to know Jesus and His love.

But I believe God's real purpose for us going to Puerto Rico besides allowing us to experience His amazing creativity and beauty - aqua waters, sea life, and tropical rainforest - was to allow us to share His love with our taxi driver, Juan Carlos, and his wife Yonice. We so enjoyed them on many trips all week! They were so blessed by our large tips - money given to us by God - and our love for them, that they cried and hugged us at the airport...It was so hard to leave! I got their address and will send a Spanish Bible and Spanish devotional along with some things from Annapolis. I pray one day they will come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior and maybe even come to Annapolis!