Simple & Unexpected

" Earlier this week I was in line in a drive-thu at Chick Fil A in Chester, MD. I had the packet of Grace Bomb cards on my dashboard for about a week and while I was waiting in line to get my food at the takeout window, I thought "Hmm, here's a chance to Grace Bomb the person in the car behind me." As I looked in my rear view mirror, I tried to see who was in the car. I noticed it was a young mother with her child in the back seat in a car seat. I decided any young Mom could use a break from having to pay for a meal, so I told the cashier in the drive-thru that I wanted to pay the bill of the person(s) in the car behind me, But she had to promise me she would give the Grace Bomb card to that driver. The cashier smiled widely and said: "Sure." Then she looked down at the GB card I'd handed her to give to the driver of the car behind me and she said: "This is SO COOL!" She looked around as if she wanted to find her boss to tell him what was going on, but then she refocused and just said to me: "This is so cool!" Somehow I had a feeling that she might have seen the GB card before. I was hoping she had. 

I hadn't felt so good about doing something so simple and unexpected for a total stranger in a long time. I hope the driver behind me checked out the website to understand further the gift of Grace, given by Jesus and meant for all of us to share with others, strangers and all."