"I Graced Bombed the McDonalds that I frequently drive through for my morning iced coffee. I drove up to pay and told the cashier (young guy) that we were going to have some fun this morning! He looked at me strangely at first and I explained that I had three Grace Bomb cards from my church and gave him $20.00 to pay for the next few orders that came through. All he had to do was give them a card and let them know someone paid ahead. He was excited to do it and I gave him $5 to get some lunch!"

McDonald's Drive-thru

"Today was the 3rd sermon on grace bombing and I had yet to grace bomb anyone - loser! So, I was determined to get my first one done in quick order. After church, I went to McDonald's. After I paid for my order I asked if I could pay for the person behind me. The cashier hesitantly said "ok." Then she looked at the register with raised eyebrows and asked if I wanted to know the total first. I was determined to grace bomb this person no matter what but was curious so I said yes. It turned out to be $23. I guess the couple I spied in the SUV had two little kids in the back :). No problem I said. After handing her my credit card I asked her if she would give them this card (the grace bomb card) and she said she would. I don't know how it went with the couple but the look on the cashier's face during all of this was priceless."