Double Drop

I was able to give out my first 2 Grace bombs today. I was at bubba's 33 for a to-go order and a lady who worked there kindly helped me out with no problem at all and so when she went to bring me my change, I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to grace bomb her. So, I not only let her keep my remaining change, I gave her a card. She didn't know what it meant and when I explained it to her, she told me how she was just thinking today how she needed grace. It made my day knowing I was able to make hers. Then something was telling me to go back in there and give another one out. Another girl who works there was having car trouble and she still took care of me with a smile on her face and helped me get a side of fries that I forgot to order. When she got back, I not only gave her money, but a grace bomb as well because I know what its like to have a stressful situation and still have a smile on my face to keep the customers happy. I loved that I was given this opportunity to give grace to two different people today.

Walked Out On The Check

So this evening my friend and I went out for a couple of beers & appetizers. It's place we go to sometimes but not exactly regulars. The bar was very busy and only two bartenders they were covering it and they were hustling. Suddenly bartender Joey, was very agitated. I heard him say to the other bartender, "If we don't know them, you have to get a credit card." It was apparrent that somebody had walked out on their check. About 15-20 minutes later I witness Joey take $80 from the tip jar and put it into the register for cover this check. I mentioned this to my friend and she and I at the same time, without even consulting each other, each pulled out a $20 bill. We called Joey over and gave him the $40 and told him that this was to be put torward the check that walked out, now please give us our check. He flatly refused and pushed it back at us we said well you going to get it one way or the other, so take this to present us with our checks. Then Cindy remembered she still had grace bomb cards in her purse. She pulled one out presented it to Joey and said "There now you can't refuse it, you have been grace bombed, we got these from our church, we attend Lighthouse Church in Glen Burnie.” We told him to look it up the internet address on the card tomorrow and he said he would and thanked us both very much. Knowing how hard they work behind that bar only to have somebody walk out on a $80 check makes for a bad evening. It was nice to help them recover some of that!

First Day On the Job

I recently got a job at target after being out of a job for 2 months. Being a 17 year old with little experience in the workforce can be very difficult when looking for a job. I was so thankful they hired me and I am trying to do my best to be a good employee. Today I was trained for being a cashier, and very shortly after being loaded with all this information about how to work a register, with my ADHD brain desperately trying to hold on to all the information, I was put to work on my own without someone behind me telling me what to do. Immediately my check out line appeared and kept growing, and I was very visibly trembling and I was doing things very very slowly and shakily, trying not to mess up. The first woman in my line bought some scrunchies, seemed easy enough. Then there was a young couple who loaded up the conveyor belt with kids clothing, kids toys, and other miscellaneous items. It took me a lot longer to check everything out than it would have if they had just gotten in another line. I apologized profusely the entire time and they responded with nothing but politeness and respect. At one point the man took all the hangers off the clothes he was purchasing and handed them to me, I got even more nervous because I thought he did that because I was taking too long. I thanked him, apologized again for the wait, explained to him that it was my first day on the job, and thanked them for their patience. He told me I was doing a great job and I eventually finished and rung them up and they were on their way. I finished helping another guest or two when I saw the man approaching and my heart dropped. I wondered if I accidentally rung something up twice, or if I forgot to give him his receipt. He smiled and handed me a Starbucks giftcard for 20 dollars and a Grace Bomb card in the little card holder as well with “Happy first day!” written on it. I was really shocked and all I said was “Thank you so much.” I realized he was actually just trying to help me finish and calm me down when he handed me the hangers, he wasnt being impatient. I started crying a little after he left because that was just such a thoughtful thing to do. Sir, if you see this, I’m sorry if I didn’t seem grateful, I was just very stunned by your immense act of kindness. As soon as I get my first paycheck, I am going to try and make someone as happy as you did for me today. Thank you thank you thank you.

"No One Has Ever Been Nice to Me"

Today I had just happen to stop into a Pizza Hut for lunch. As I was sitting there I seen an older lady at the table in front of me eating lunch by herself. As I was waiting for my pizza to come out I noticed that the lady was talking to her waitress about how her arm got all bruised up from a blood test that she had to have. At that very moment, I had this overwhelming feeling that I should pay for her lunch. I called her waitress over and asked her to bring me her bill, I then gave the waitress my credit card and gave her a grace bomb card and told her to take care of the lady's bill and give the grace bomb card to the lady with her receipt. She was very shocked and came over to thank me for that and said that she has always been nice to other people but no one has been nice to her ever. She said that she didn't know what to say and then I explained to her that she didn't have to say anything. I then proceeded to tell her about the grace bomb card and told her that if she goes to gracebomb.org it will explain what the grace bomb is because she seemed very confused. She then thanked me for everything.

Surprised Mowed Lawn

I pulled in my driveway & my lawn was mowed!! Not just any lawn...one affected by the flood...& quite like a jungle, since our house includes a creek!!! Our tractor & mower were broken. Wow.
I have already dropped 3 Grace Bombs.....NEVER expected to get bombed. Yea!! What a God/ people gift- I cried with gratitude!! Go Bombers

Forget about the repairs

When feeling a little irritated because my electric window motor broke and I just put out over $300....I passed a man under a tree with a dog....I was going to the store anyway, so I bought him a bag of crackers, a soda,dog food for the dog, and $20. I went back and ask him if he needed help and I told him that I had been saved by the grace of God and so was he...I gave him the stuff and a Grace Bomb Card....I told him when he gets on his feet to pay it forward and Grace bomb someone else. He shared that it was his second Grace Bomb Card of the day. My $300 auto repair was quickly forgotten. To God Be the Glory.

Bomb received, bomb dropped

A girl on my social media friends list wanted to share her God-given talents as a hairstylist to 3 lucky individuals drawn from a hat. She chose me. She spent two hours on my hair and refused to let me pay a cent. I had prepared ahead of time and gifted her a womens daily devotional book and a $20 bill that i had slid inside. Her grace was truly inspiring

Socks for School

 I was out shopping for shoes for my husband when I walked by a mother and her two sons. I heard her asking the older boy if he would mind waiting for new socks to start school so that she could buy the younger son (going to start kindergarten) a pair of shoes. I continued past when tears welled up in my eyes. I went down the next isle and whipped out my grace bomb card and enough to pay for socks and the shoes. Going back up the isle where they were looking, I told the young mother that I was not trying to eavesdrop and laying they card on her lap I told her she had just been bombed. This was one of the best feelings ever.

Multiple Bombs

During the three weeks of the Grace Bomb sermons I found myself in financial ruin with no money come into the home. I was just heartbroken. I loved the message I was getting from these services but how am I going to Grace Bomb someone when I need a Grace Bomb myself. I didn't stumble over any little ways to do so.

Finally on Tuesday I pushed aside the pride monster that was blocking me and called my church. It was a hard phone call and brought me to tears but I asked for prayer and I asked for assistance I was immediately invited in the same day.

TC and Miss Vicky prayed for me and I was able to apply for help. I was having difficulty giving it all to God and there I was able to do so. This was certainly the Grace Bomb that I have been needing.

Hours after I got home my day I received a phone call from my attorney and I was granted a small advance toward my settlement and I could pick it up the next morning. 

Now it is less than all the bills I have outstanding but it wolves from our door and the household moving. Grace Bomb #2.

The next day I went to Baltimore and pick up that check when I got back to Glen Burnie I was heading right to Bank of America to cash it and pay bills. As I entered the building a female security guard was there, as they always are, guarding the entrance. I said good morning with all kinds of enthusiasm as I was so happy and relieved. She responded, not unfriendly, but not quite as over the top as I was. At that moment I realized I can Grace Bomb this person. 

I left the bank cash in hand and went to the nearest fast food outlet and got a gift card that would cover two lunches or dinners whatever she needed. I went back to the bank jumped out of my car wishing her good morning again and gave her the gift card. I told her we were spreading Grace and kindness throughout Glen Burnie and I thought she could use a pick-me-up. I went on to say I'm sure the ladies inside get thanked all the time because they're handling our money, however you might not get the same. I'm giving you this with my appreciation. 

I urged her to go on the website and see what it was all about and if she so desires she pass that card onto someone else and keep the message going. She thanked me with a smile and I felt absolutely amazing. Grace Bomb #3 for me!