Prayed for in the parking lot

I spent Friday night in the hospital in extreme pain due to an autoimmune disease. My husband was currently too sick to take care of me and I knew I had to take care of him. Saturday morning rolls around and I hobble over to the corner market with just enough money to buy water. I see two men pull up in a truck and the gas station attendant mentions that those men show up every Saturday morning with food and that they're from a new local church. I need to find a church so I hobble over to them to say hello. I tell them that I'm not homeless and I'm sure I've got something at home to eat and that I was looking for information about their church. They could see the physical pain on my face. They placed their hands on my shoulders and prayed for me and of course I cried. They knew what I was going through without me saying much. Then they insisted that I take food for both myself and my husband. On Sunday morning I woke up without pain for the first time in years. They didn't give me a grace bomb card but boy did I recieve grace. I'm going to their church on Sunday and I intend to tell them all about grace bomb.

While Driving

I was driving home in Annapolis from picking up food from my parents and saw this car in front of me had in large letter with little pictures of an actual bomb and I thought "hmmm...that's one way to get your attention." When I parked, I looked it up and here I am typing to you about it lol. I felt like I received joy right there. Seeing that taught me we dont have to overextend ourselves to show God's grace. You can literally let someone just read it. It made my day especially through a hard week. My grandmother passed away in the Philippines in her sleep. She had Alzheimers and while we are glad she no longer has to suffer, my mom had to watch her mom be buried through a Facebook video chat. It broke my heart that we couldnt be there with the rest of my family. So getting some joy just driving is amazing and I'm so thankful.