This one's on me

While on a mini vacation to Nashville (gracebomb from my boss, Paula) we had the opportunity to share a table with strangers at a honky tonk bar. I told the waitress I would like to buy a round of drink for everyone. When the drinks came I gave each couple a Grace bomb card and told them drinks are on me. The best part is the one of the men came over to my very moved by the gesture and asked all about the cards and grace. He wanted so badly to pay it back but I told him that's not what this was about and to check out the site. When each couple left they gave me and my boss big hugs. As a bonus, the waitress came over to me and told me I made her day by what I just did for others and the nice tip I left for her. The gracebomb was good; the conversation that I was able to have about the grace of God was even better!