Bus Stop Cookies

I was picking my son up from school after a band lesson. I had baked cookies for a new neighbor moving in that I had planned on dropping off with an invite to our church for Easter Sunday. As I drove by their home it looked like no one was home and might not be the best time to drop off freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and the invite. I drove on to pick up my son, and on our way back, I was sharing with him why we were going to take our neighbors the cookies I baked. As I was telling him and approaching our intersection to turn to go home, this woman was crossing the street with the look of extreme hurt which seemed to scream across her face. I felt so deeply inside I was supposed to turn around and go back through the intersection and give her these cookies with a word from the Lord. I turned around and my son said mom what are you doing..?. I told him I felt deep down in my heart that these cookies are supposed to go to this woman. If I can find her again I’m going to give them to her. He sat quietly and said ok. I said we can make more for our neighbor but these are supposed to be for her. I feel it so strongly. I crossed the intersection and there she was sitting in a bus stop booth along side another woman. I pulled over and got out with my heart in my throat about to cry knowing the Lord was pressing on my heart to obey him. I got the cookies wrapped for the neighbor and handed them to her with a grace bomb card I frantically found in the bottom of my purse. As I handed them to her I told her that these were meant for her, that they were cookies I had just baked and I wanted her to have them. I told her hat Jesus loves her so deeply and that if she seeks him with all we heart she will find him. The woman sitting next to her said you are going to make me cry, you just said a mouthful. I said I know I’m holding back the tears myself. She said God bless you. I reiterated to the woman in need that Jesus loved her and left. As I was leaving I prayed that the Lord would put it on the woman’s heart sitting next to her to pray with her and that she would find Jesus today.