Double Drop

I was able to give out my first 2 Grace bombs today. I was at bubba's 33 for a to-go order and a lady who worked there kindly helped me out with no problem at all and so when she went to bring me my change, I thought it'd be the perfect opportunity to grace bomb her. So, I not only let her keep my remaining change, I gave her a card. She didn't know what it meant and when I explained it to her, she told me how she was just thinking today how she needed grace. It made my day knowing I was able to make hers. Then something was telling me to go back in there and give another one out. Another girl who works there was having car trouble and she still took care of me with a smile on her face and helped me get a side of fries that I forgot to order. When she got back, I not only gave her money, but a grace bomb as well because I know what its like to have a stressful situation and still have a smile on my face to keep the customers happy. I loved that I was given this opportunity to give grace to two different people today.