Job Offer and more

I am a member of Bay Area Community Church, I recently opened the door to a friend a just met, she was struggling to start a new life here in Maryland.
I graced Bombed her offering shelter and friendship, we are sharing my place for over 3 months.
But a month ago, a friend of mine, which is also a BACC member, graced bombed both us with an amazing opportunity of grace.
He didn't have to, but he offered her a job at his company.
Note; she does not have the car to get to work, and I needed my car to get myself around. When he noticed that he also provided her a car and gasoline paid by him so she could have her own transportation, and keep the car on her days off.
He graced bombe both of us, now she helps me sharing the bills, and he is proud to have her in her team.
I just wanted to Thank Jesus for the blessings through the amazing Guy called Rob.
Thank you, Jesus, Thank you Bay Area, Thank You, Rob.