Tough Week Disrupted

On day 6 of a long stressful work week as a sever at chili’s, we had a walk through with a big boss. We cleaned all week preparing and getting ready. With a lot on mind, I’ve been talking to God. I lost my mawmaw to multiple sclerosis and she’s been on my mind. Memories about her, stories and missing her laugh when I do something that she loved. Talking to God last night worrying about life. What I’m going to do and how I’m going to live it. I received my grace bomb after getting good news about our store. The sweet lady’s that gave my grace bomb also left me $50 as my tip and I needed that along with the grace bomb to give me hope to not give up, to keep going life will fall in place. Keep talking to God he does listen and helps out when he can. I’m so blessed to have met these lady’s and to know they are from where I grew up and wasn’t just traveling through meant so much to me.