"No One Has Ever Been Nice to Me"

Today I had just happen to stop into a Pizza Hut for lunch. As I was sitting there I seen an older lady at the table in front of me eating lunch by herself. As I was waiting for my pizza to come out I noticed that the lady was talking to her waitress about how her arm got all bruised up from a blood test that she had to have. At that very moment, I had this overwhelming feeling that I should pay for her lunch. I called her waitress over and asked her to bring me her bill, I then gave the waitress my credit card and gave her a grace bomb card and told her to take care of the lady's bill and give the grace bomb card to the lady with her receipt. She was very shocked and came over to thank me for that and said that she has always been nice to other people but no one has been nice to her ever. She said that she didn't know what to say and then I explained to her that she didn't have to say anything. I then proceeded to tell her about the grace bomb card and told her that if she goes to gracebomb.org it will explain what the grace bomb is because she seemed very confused. She then thanked me for everything.