Home Depot Drop

I needed help loading a full sheet of drywall in my truck. The Home Depot worker proceeded to help me while talking up a storm about himself, how long he had been working there and his age. I asked him if he was allowed to receive a tip. He said not really, but would leave it up to the customer. I handed him a nice tip and a Grace bomb card. Immediately he handed the card back and said, "Here, i don't need this" . I said," Sure you do. You’ve just been blessed". He looked at the card and said, "Oh, I've never seen one like this before", then put it in his pocket. Thanks Grace Bomb for giving me the resources to show God's love. The tip alone just does not convey God's love, especially when there's no time to have the verbal conversation. The worker needed to get on to the next customer and I needed to get on to work.