First Day On the Job

I recently got a job at target after being out of a job for 2 months. Being a 17 year old with little experience in the workforce can be very difficult when looking for a job. I was so thankful they hired me and I am trying to do my best to be a good employee. Today I was trained for being a cashier, and very shortly after being loaded with all this information about how to work a register, with my ADHD brain desperately trying to hold on to all the information, I was put to work on my own without someone behind me telling me what to do. Immediately my check out line appeared and kept growing, and I was very visibly trembling and I was doing things very very slowly and shakily, trying not to mess up. The first woman in my line bought some scrunchies, seemed easy enough. Then there was a young couple who loaded up the conveyor belt with kids clothing, kids toys, and other miscellaneous items. It took me a lot longer to check everything out than it would have if they had just gotten in another line. I apologized profusely the entire time and they responded with nothing but politeness and respect. At one point the man took all the hangers off the clothes he was purchasing and handed them to me, I got even more nervous because I thought he did that because I was taking too long. I thanked him, apologized again for the wait, explained to him that it was my first day on the job, and thanked them for their patience. He told me I was doing a great job and I eventually finished and rung them up and they were on their way. I finished helping another guest or two when I saw the man approaching and my heart dropped. I wondered if I accidentally rung something up twice, or if I forgot to give him his receipt. He smiled and handed me a Starbucks giftcard for 20 dollars and a Grace Bomb card in the little card holder as well with “Happy first day!” written on it. I was really shocked and all I said was “Thank you so much.” I realized he was actually just trying to help me finish and calm me down when he handed me the hangers, he wasnt being impatient. I started crying a little after he left because that was just such a thoughtful thing to do. Sir, if you see this, I’m sorry if I didn’t seem grateful, I was just very stunned by your immense act of kindness. As soon as I get my first paycheck, I am going to try and make someone as happy as you did for me today. Thank you thank you thank you.