Helped Through My Divorce

8 years ago, I was going through a very difficult divorce. Pre-divorce, my family had been attending church in State College, PA regularly. When the pastor went on sabbatical, my husband declared that he did not plan on attending church until the pastor's return. In an effort to "keep the peace" at home (things were very rocky through most of our 20 year marriage), i did not go to church without him. For about a year, no church. When the divorce process began, I had not thought about church. One day at work, two co-workers in different departments told me they had put me on their prayer lists at each of their churches. THAT was my grace-bomb! I thought, I better get to church if 2 people and their church prayer teams were praying for me! For the first time in a year, I returned to my old church that Saturday night, and while there, learned that a "life group" would be forming and meeting once a week. I thought, why not? That group, none of whom I knew previously, helped me tremendously through my divorce with their love and support. At that group, I learned of another group of women that met Saturday mornings, at a house around the corner from mine! Again, I joined another fabulous group that provided support, love and life. 3 years ago, a job change brought me to this area and during the move, the life group was there for me. I am forever blessed to have had these fabulous people in my life, And all because of a simple grace bomb- 2 wonderful people telling me they had placed me on their church prayer lists. That changed my life and brought me back to the church and to the most wonderful people.