Drive-thru Drop

Went through the Chick Fil A drive thru this morning for breakfast and I just thought how nice it would be to help start someone's day off in a graceful way. When I got to the window, I asked if I could pay for the car behind me. The drive thru attendant looked so pleasantly surprised. I asked if I could write a message on my recipient's receipt, I wrote "Have a Great Day!" And I asked if could leave the grace bomb card. As I drove off, I noticed the employees coming over to see what the card was all about, they looked almost... amazed. I drove away quickly because I didn't want the car behind me to have enough time to catch up to me, I didn't want a "thank you" or recognition of any sort - I just wanted to do God's work. As I continued driving, I started daydreaming about how incredible it would be in a few weeks to come across a tatered and worn grace bomb card... how beautiful it would feel to wonder about how many lives that card might have touched. I'll be praying to God to help me keep my eyes open for more opportunities to spread His love.