An unexpected car ride

I am still amazed how good God is and how He works! I was coming home from grocery shopping with my cold items in a little cloth cooler in the backseat and had every intention of going straight home. God had other plans.
I had only been in the car about a minute when God said, "Offer that woman walking alongside the road a ride." I pulled into the gas station just in time to intercept her. I called after her, but she kept walking. I pulled back out into the street with my hazards on and tried again. It wasn't until I got her attention and her acceptance of my offer that I realized she was deaf. 
As rudimentary as my signing skills are, I told her I knew my ABC's. We found a way to communicate all of the drive to her destination! The most moving part was when I pointed to my cross necklace and told her, "I listened." She was overwhelmed with thanks to Jesus and told me she had prayed for help! The excitement in that car was nothing like I had experienced! When I dropped her off I gave her the "Grace Bomb" card. I explained these cards are a good reminder of showing God's love to others and I told her how much she is loved. We hugged and parted with uplifted spirits. God is SO GOOD!