Angel on a golf cart

A few weeks ago I was having a pretty stressful week to say the least. Finishing it out with one of the most stressful Fridays in recent memory... I was rushing to make my daughters dance performance at her studio and arrived with barely a minute to spare and little options for parking. The neighboring business had a squeezable spot in the back and as I quickly parked and reached the studio doors, the desk lady at the neighbor business came out and told me I couldn’t park there in a not so nice manner. It was a breaking point for me as the weeks stress caught up to me. Moving meant I’d be pretty late and miss the performance. As I began pulling back out and nearly in tears, the manager came rushing around on a golf cart and let me park right up front. I’m a bartender and he was one of my regular customers... seeing his friendly face and amazing grace, I thought I heard an angel sing!! He apologized and told me to just park right here and get inside and see my daughter dance. His kindness in that moment was so appreciated. Today I got a chance to return the favor when he came in for lunch while I was working. I picked up his entire lunch tab and let him know how much that seemingly small gesture meant to me in that moment. I handed him the receipt stating “paid in full” with a Grace Bomb and a small thank you note for my “angel” on a golf cart. I hope I made his day like he made mine.