Just the checks, please!

After we left church this morning, we went to breakfast. My husband saw a lady sitting in a booth alone having breakfast. When the waitress came over to ask if we wanted anything else, he ask if she would bring him the lady's check in the booth sitting alone and would she please give her the Grace Bomb card after we left. The waitress said yes. She brought us both checks and we got up to leave. 
Our waitress was not the waitress for the lady in the booth. The waitress that had not waited on us saw us leaving, came over and wanted to know where we got the card. I told her church, and that God had given us so much grace and love through what Jesus did on the cross for us, we are called to share that grace with others. It wasn't a long conversation, but the waitress was so excited and I could see it really touched her. I dont know what the lady whose breakfast we paid for thought because we left before she gave her the card, but the waitress was moved by what she saw. Sooo... God is not just blessing the person being grace bombed, the explosion is far reaching. We serve an awesome God.