Stranded Before a Storm

My Family and I were out on Sunday 08/19/2018 with our good friends and their kids. We went all the way across the Chester River and had a good time then decided to head home. On the way the waves were getting bigger and it was getting rough out looking like it was gonna storm. We were about a mile out and our boat made some noises. I told my husband and of course at first he said "nah its the cover that can sometimes make noises." Well, he continued just a little and boom, we smelt smoke and the noise got louder so he stopped the boat and found out it was the belt. The belt broke and we all were stuck in the middle of Chester River. Yes, we were nervous but I told everyone pray to God that we get through to our neighbors so someone can tow us in. The waves were getting rougher and we were all getting little sea sick. No BOAT TO BE SEEN out. I messaged my good neighbor and friend who is sometimes not on facebook, but after praying to God she did and was able to catch someone coming in to come back out and get us. Turns out this guy was also in same situation with his other boat and needed to be towed and felt he needed to return the favor. So he headed out and towed us in. We knew god was with us the whole time and knew we wouldn't be stranded. We were so happy to have someone so kind to do us this big favor. He towed us all the way in and when we docked I gave him the grace bomb. He insisted that I keep the money due to now needing it for a new belt and he would keep the grace bomb card to grace bomb someone else and keep it going.