Multiple Bombs

During the three weeks of the Grace Bomb sermons I found myself in financial ruin with no money come into the home. I was just heartbroken. I loved the message I was getting from these services but how am I going to Grace Bomb someone when I need a Grace Bomb myself. I didn't stumble over any little ways to do so.

Finally on Tuesday I pushed aside the pride monster that was blocking me and called my church. It was a hard phone call and brought me to tears but I asked for prayer and I asked for assistance I was immediately invited in the same day.

TC and Miss Vicky prayed for me and I was able to apply for help. I was having difficulty giving it all to God and there I was able to do so. This was certainly the Grace Bomb that I have been needing.

Hours after I got home my day I received a phone call from my attorney and I was granted a small advance toward my settlement and I could pick it up the next morning. 

Now it is less than all the bills I have outstanding but it wolves from our door and the household moving. Grace Bomb #2.

The next day I went to Baltimore and pick up that check when I got back to Glen Burnie I was heading right to Bank of America to cash it and pay bills. As I entered the building a female security guard was there, as they always are, guarding the entrance. I said good morning with all kinds of enthusiasm as I was so happy and relieved. She responded, not unfriendly, but not quite as over the top as I was. At that moment I realized I can Grace Bomb this person. 

I left the bank cash in hand and went to the nearest fast food outlet and got a gift card that would cover two lunches or dinners whatever she needed. I went back to the bank jumped out of my car wishing her good morning again and gave her the gift card. I told her we were spreading Grace and kindness throughout Glen Burnie and I thought she could use a pick-me-up. I went on to say I'm sure the ladies inside get thanked all the time because they're handling our money, however you might not get the same. I'm giving you this with my appreciation. 

I urged her to go on the website and see what it was all about and if she so desires she pass that card onto someone else and keep the message going. She thanked me with a smile and I felt absolutely amazing. Grace Bomb #3 for me!