Grace Bombed Back!

I WAS GRACE BOMBED BACK! We have an artist friend who has been in the process of opening up a studio, locally. He and his bride have met with some difficulty and speed bumps that have altered his plans, but in the process delay it has offered me the opportunity to drop what I can, when I can and in creative ways in aiding his shop to be stocked and providing things on his non-urgent list. He got me back so expectantly with a Capital size & shaped gift. Not only did he provide an AWESOME artistic piece for me, but his bride and he gave me a red gift box with a grace bomb card inside next to a Christmas tree ornament commemorating the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup win dated 2018. I was blown over with joy. Not so much of the gifts, but the time, thought and effort put into our friendship. My heart is full of joy from the love in which God has surrounded me with over the past several years.