The Power of Prayer

I work in a restaurant and happened to be working the night that one of our beloved regulars got a phone call that said his wife had a cancerous tumor on her kidney. They were both visibly upset and didn’t share the information with too many other people, and I immediately thought of them the following week for a Grace Bomb... I stopped and got a small flower, and sat outside their house and prayed for her health when I dropped it off on their doorstep with an anonymous note saying they were in prayer and God’s hands. Saw the husband again this week and asked how that weeks surgery had gone. I got goosebumps when I heard the answer. She had come through surgery well... it was supposed to take 3 hours and 6 hours later the doctor came out to give them an update. The surgery took so long because they could no longer find the tumor, and spent the extra 3 hours looking to make sure. There was no sign of it. The woman having surgery was an ultrasound tech herself, she saw exactly what the doctors saw and the doctor himself is one of the top in the country and does many of these surgeries a week and was completely stumped, saying he’d never had this happen before. She’s now in recovery and they will continue to observe in the future, but I believe this was a great testament to the power of prayer and hope. I felt a huge calling when I was there the night they got the news... I was absolutely blown away by the results of the whole thing. Thank you God!! And more prayers for her continued success.