Shoveling and Sharing

Saturday I was on my way home from Lowes when I saw an older man shoveling asphalt into 5 gallon buckets. Instantly God put it on my heart to give him a hand. Perfect time for a grace bomb. I had alot to do so i was second guessing myself but I turned around anyway. I didn’t realize he had 10 buckets to fill and the asphalt was a solid clump. God what did you get me into? Well, this is all for your glory. I got to it and busted it out for him. Turns out the man has been out of the hospital for a week because he has a heart condition. I gave him the card and said its just one brother helping another brother, no strings attached. He said he grew up catholic but got away from it because of all the controversy in the Catholic Church and wasn’t really interested in any kind of religion. I told a little about my testimony and what Jesus has done for me. I think I got an eyebrow raise. I planted the seed. Im very thankful God put me in that situation. Glory be to God!