Outside the Comfort Zone

So....I've been through the first two series of your sermons. Rather than share my story about what I did, I would like to just try to encourage others to try it. As you mentioned, there is, I think, normal trepidation in dropping the Bomb! I don't see myself as the kind of person who typically pulls himself out of his shell to do something outside my comfort zone. I was worried that someone might misunderstand my intent or even worse, be insulted. And it wasn't as if I went out looking for opportunities. What I have experienced in doing this twice in the last week or so is that the opportunities are sometimes staring you right in the face but you don't recognize it. What has worked for me is to just trust your instincts. In both instances my Bombs were accepted with a bit of disbelieve and then sincere gratitude. In one case I could see the entire demeanor of someone I have seen for months change from sour and menacing to a little smile and happiness. I really can't describe the feeling that came over me. It makes me think a bit of Mark 4:20, "Accept God's word and you will produce a harvest 30, 60, or even 100 times as much as has been planted." God can make all things possible. THNAK YOU!!!!!!!