Car Crash Grace

I have been wanting to drop some GraceBombs and I wanted to start today. So this morning when I got my coffee at Dunkin, I bought a gift card and wrote “GraceBomb.Org” on it and stuffed it in my uniform pocket. I asked God to lead me to whom needed it most today. I forgot all about it as the Army starting pulling me in all the ways they normally do on a Monday. Come lunch time, 3 other Soldiers and I left for lunch. We are currently in Virginia for a class. As we were driving to lunch, a teenage girl plowed into our car from behind. The collision was brutal and my battle buddies and I immediately felt the impact in our bodies. We rushed out of the car to see if anyone in the car behind was hurt. Thankfully she wasn’t. The damage was very minimal even though the collision was brutal. As we waited for the Police to come, she called her mom on the phone. She was sobbing and scared. I could tell this was her first accident and she was shaken up. We all stood there waiting for the police and when they came and began processing their reports, I reached for a piece of gum I had in my pocket. When I did, I felt the GraceBomb in my pocket. I thought “no way” “that’s weird” but then I just kept thinking about it and I knew that I was being prompted by God so I said “Ok God, Geez” After everything was over, her mom came out to the crash site and was so nice. Her daughter was so terrified. I went over to them and I handed the girl the GraceBomb and I said “Here is a gift card for Dunkin Donuts. I really hope your day gets better. God loves you and everything is going to be ok! Don’t Worry!” God works in mysterious ways. But I’m glad I listened to him.