Umbrellas for the team

Two weeks before your service at light house, one worship day, I was parking my car at our church and noticed the parking team doing what they do, but it was raining pretty good that day. So, after I parked, I spoke with one of the parking members and how they need to speak to the church about some umbrellas, not only to stay dry from rain or snow, but even to offer some shade from a hot sun. After thinking about it, I decided "why should I wait or want the Church to do what I could do?"
I went out a purchased 10 umbrellas. The next week I went early and passed them out to the parking team for that day. This was two weeks before I received my "you've been bombed cards" and I never said anything about what I had done at that time, just took my pleasure in knowing I had done a good thing and that was enough for me. After your first service you stated that "it is not bragging or boasting to point out that you have done a good thing." So that is my story, even without the bomb card at that time to give out... So glad I have your bomb cards for future use.