One of the Worst to One of the Best

This was the most amazing thing, a time when I saw God working through man. I had a baby on November 15, 2017 and two weeks later, November 27, 2017, it was my 19th birthday. Being a teenage single mother with a newborn, I was tired and stressed and with my postpartum depression, I felt like a black hole. On the morning of Nov 27th, my son was breathing a little weird so I was freaking out and I called his pediatrician's office; it just so happened that they were all at lunch so I told them what was going on and they said I needed to go to the ER. I have a $100 co-pay at the ER with my insurance and I did not have that kind of money so I went to this "prompt-care" place instead. So, I get there and I'm freaking out because I was new at this whole "take care of a whole other human" thing. I went to the lady at the front desk and she says there is a wait and I'm like "lady, this is a 2 week old baby who isn't breathing right there isn't gonna be any waiting" so she takes him back and they take his temperature and he has a 100.8 temperature so now they start panicking (cause babies that young with temps that high could have a life threatening issue) so they tell me they have to transport him to Children's Hospital in DC via ambulance. At this point these two ambulance workers come in and I'm mid meltdown. So one of the EMTs takes my son's car seat to the ambulance and I get in, crying and shaking, and he starts trying to ask me all the medical history; he sees how upset I am and that I am alone and afraid so he starts to calm me down and console me. I tell him how my son's father left me, how I am a teenager and I feel like I can't take it anymore. How I have no money for the ER co pay which is why I went to this prompt care in the first place. How I can't believe that this is happening on my birthday. Once we get to the hospital, I'm in the room with my son and he comes in and hands me a note and gives me a hug and tells me "Happy Birthday" and leaves. I open the note and a hundred dollar bill falls out and it says:
Happy Birthday to you and belated birthday to your son. You will make a wonderful mother. Hope this helps for the ER visit for your boy. Someday, return the favor and help another. TAKE CARE AND GOOD LUCK." 
Those two EMTs made one of the worst birthdays of my life, one of the best. I may never see them again but I can never repay them. I prayed to God on the way to the prompt care, I begged him for help and I saw his answer to my prayer right there in that man and his colleague. May God forever bless them for what they did.