Big Party, Big Grace

I had no idea what grace bombs were and until last night. I’m a server at a busy steakhouse and it was the middle of dinner rush. I got sat with a group of 16 people celebrating someone’s birthday, to share with another server. If we’ve got any servers reading this, they probably just rolled their eyes with me. Big birthday parties USUALLY mean lots of running, extra work, time taken away from your other tables (possibly impacting those tips) yada yada. Well, this party turned out to be ex-servers. They were all super friendly, understanding of the fact that they were a big party during our dinner rush (so their food wasn’t going to take 10 minutes to come out), made pleasant conversation, joked around with us, and just basically were a delight to have in the restaurant. They reminded me that people are good which is blessing enough. And then it came time to pay. Their check came to around $450. These angels left us a grace Bomb card and $120 to split between the two of us. It almost left me in tears. I’m currently on the look out for my turn to pay it forward to someone else and make their day like they made mine.