Listen to the Call - Give the ride

My wife and I had just left a church service with Grace Bomb on our mind. As we pulled out of the parking lot, God put the opportunity right in front of us. There was a man walking down the road, swinging an empty gas can in his hand. A simple switching on of the hazards, my wife rolling down the window and asking the man if he wanted a ride, and our Grace Bomb experience was underway. We only had to drive him about a mile in order to reach a gas station. He was thankful for the ride to the station - and was even more appreciative when we said we were waiting for him and would be taking him back to his truck. Along the way, he asked why we would pull over and pick up a guy walking down the road. God gave us the opportunity to tell him how that we enjoy doing good deeds for people. We told him how we believe that anything that is good in life is really a gift from God. And so in appreciation of all the gifts that God has given to us, we respond by showing love to others - and we were happy to have been able to give him a much-needed ride. I handed him the Grace Bomb card and asked if he’d do me a favor and visit to learn more. He said he would and that us giving him that ride was one of the nicest thing anyone had done for him in a long time. 
We were loaded. We listened (or, in this case, looked). We let ’er go! Thank God for the opportunity He literally put right in front of us. Our hope is that this small act of love points him to Jesus.