Don't Worry About It

My wife and I have an electrical contracting business. A customer needed me to troubleshoot loss of power in her back yard. This customer mentioned that her husband passed away in March and she asked me if I could help her get her husband's car started during my service call visit. She is just getting up enough courage to drive it and the battery had died. I found that her electrical problem was just a tripped breaker. Unfortunately, we usually charge the customer for the visit even though we just flip a breaker, because it still takes time and gas. 

We then began working on the car. After a hot shot, it started right up.

I told her to have a nice day and began to get in my truck to leave. She asked me about a bill and I told her not to worry about it. She was very appreciative and got teary eyed. I left my grace bomb cards at home, but God knows how to speak to her heart.