A Conversation in McDonalds

My favorite Grace bomb yet was standing in McDonalds where two young men were in front of me.  They had the appearance that I typically avoid but as one of them started to order it seemed like he was trying to put a meal together on a tight budget and I had a Grace Bomb in my pocket and I got that nudge from God so I spoke up and said "order whatever you want...this one is on me." Then I handed them the card and said "you've been grace bombed." The one who was struggling to order was so grateful and started to make a big deal about it so I simply said Jesus has done so much more for us it's the least I  can do."  Then his friend said "wait, were you guys at Nitro Circus giving tattoos and stuff?"  And I replied "Yeah, that was a group from our church.". And he started sharing about his experience at Nitro Circus and saying "it's like the pay-it-forward thing" This lead to the two friends and the employee taking our order asking about why we do this and what it is all about.  I finished by saying "it is a lot like Pay-it-forward but we do it because Jesus loves us and wants to have a personal relationship with us."


All 4 of us walked away smiling and I know I had a better day because of it.  Then I told them where they could find this church that has been grace bombing them