New Tires

"I was in Sam's Club this morning to get a new tire to replace the one that a gnarly curb jumped out of nowhere and destroyed. I was standing at the counter debating whether to get 1 tire or 2. The clerk mentioned that I really needed 4 tires due to their wear; however, I settled on 2 tires after a very quiet minute at the desk, debating in my head about safety, cost and necessity. I paid and sat down to wait. 5 minutes later, the clerk asked again for my Sam's card, and I thought nothing of it. When she brought my card back, she said that the gentleman in line behind me paid for another 2 tires so I would get a full set. 


I wept; through tears I prayed for the overly generous stranger and gave glory to God for His tender mercies. Needless to say the challenges in my life are huge right now, as they are apt to be, but the impact of that moment was incredible and massive. So is God's steadfast love. The impact of this GB and the perspective it brings will continue every time I see, sit in or drive my car with its new shoes. Then, the follow-on was that the clerk and I had a conversation about blessings, so I was hopefully able to pass some grace along.

Finally, this is what I shared with friends today on FB... Do something unexpectedly kind for someone today - a grace bomb for someone you don't know, even better. The impact on the person may be inexplicable, the example for others meaningful, and the blessing for you will be a treasure in heaven.

All glory to God.