Secrets, Foreclosure, Grace Bomb

I work in Crofton and one day at lunch I drove through my old neighborhood. I had moved out of the neighborhood 8 years prior and I had never had the urge to drive through before. As I pulled in, I saw a couple of police officers at one my old neighbors house. I didn’t think twice about it and just drove through and went back to work. Later when I got off of work, I was driving through Crofton when I realized that I had forgot to grab the leftover Ledos pizza, so I called my son who works with me and asked him if he could grab it and meet me by the Giant on route 3 in Crofton. As I was waiting for him, I again decided to drive through my old neighborhood. It’s right behind the Giant. So, for some reason I drove through my old neighborhood twice in one day. This time, as I pulled into the neighborhood I saw a bunch of people outside of the same house that cops were at earlier in the day. I saw someone that I knew, but he didn’t live in the neighborhood. I stopped and yelled out my window “what are you doing in my old neighborhood?” to him. He came over and asked me if I knew John & Kathy. I told him that I did and he told me that John had committed suicide earlier that day. I couldn’t believe it..he was such a good family guy. He was a school teacher and had helped us a lot when we had problems with our son years ago. I stayed around for a while and talked to some of my old neighbors. Later, after I had left, I received a text from my old next door neighbor. She told me that John & Kathy’s home was in foreclosure. She was telling me this because I’ve been involved in foreclosure in multiple aspects for years. I did some research and found that the house had already been sold at auction about a month prior. 

Here is what happened after I discovered that John had committed suicide and that his family had lost their house.

1) I spoke with Kathy. This was an incredibly hard thing to do for many reasons. She had just lost her husband and she had no idea that the home had gone to foreclosure. John had hidden everything! I had to speak to her right away, because time was against us and I had to know what she wanted to do. OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE

2) I contacted the attorney that handled the foreclosure, the note holder, and the person that had purchased it at the foreclosure sale. What’s amazing is that I was probably the only person in the world that not only knew what could be done, but I actually knew all the parties involved. I immediately started negotiating with the purchaser. I knew him, but never had any dealings with him. He did have a partner though that I had dealings with in the past and we were friends. 

3) If I was able to convince the purchaser to sell his interest in the property, then I would need someone to be able to purchase the house. After many calls and discussions I setup a meeting with John’s parents. I had to talk to parents who had just lost their son about something he had done that wasn’t so great. OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE

4) The house had sold at auction for $175,000, but the note holder was owed $285,000. So, I had to negotiate with the note holder, because there would have been over a $100,000 deficiency that Kathy would be responsible for whether I was able to get the property from the purchaser or not. OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE

So, in the end I gave $5,000 (me and another friend/church member) to the purchaser and he substituted John’s parents in as the purchaser and we bought the property back for $110,000 less than what they actually owed. Later Kathy was able to get the house in her name and pay her in-laws back. 

There are so many more details, but I know this is already way too long. But I know that God put me there that day and was an incredible feeling that God gave me the opportunity. Kathy constantly thanks me for helping her, but I always tell her that it wasn’t me, it was all God. She has gone to church with us a few times and is doing well.

*the names in this story have been changed for the privacy of the family