Opening up Opportunities

God and Grace transcend cultural and language barriers! We've been having work done at our house and regularly entertain up to 9 Central American workers at our home on a weekly basis over the last month. Last week my son and I recognized the familiar melody of some of our favorite christian songs playing on one of the workers cell phones, in Spanish. The following day I felt God's prompting to talk with the guy and ask if he was a Christian. To my great surprise the man's eyes teared up as he shared his story of being a new Christian with only 6 months under his belt; how he was the only one in his family to be a Christian, and the only guy on his crew. He was praying for ways and opportunities and regularly reaching out to the guys in an effort to share his new found faith. God had provided a bridge across the divide and it was amazing how much he opened up and shared and how excited he was. This prompted my son and I to find a way to Grace Bomb his crew. We loaded up on seasonal hot chocolate boxes from Trader Joes and tagged each one with a bow and a grace bomb card and handed them out the next day. The hopes are that this provides another opportunity for this guy to talk a bit more about his faith with his crew. These guys have started to feel like family, especially our new brother in Christ. We Grace Bombed him with a book in Spanish about having Unshakable Hope in today's world. God really does transcend all differences and has our family addicted to Grace Bombing others. Nothing feels better then to see that smile on their face and to bring a little Heaven to earth!