Grace Bombing the Professor

I am a sophomore at Auburn University in Alabama. Before coming home for Thanksgiving break my English Lit professor had to cancel a whole week of classes. As a tired and exhausted student I was very happy when I got the email saying class was canceled. I really did not think anything of it when he said class was canceled for the week.

Coming to school after Thanksgiving break the class cancellations continued. This time my professor informed us that his wife was having severe heart complications from a previous illness she had. I felt very sad for my professor after reading this email. Aside from being on the older side, he is also legally blind. So now to hear that his wife was not doing well made me wish I could do something to help his situation out. 

Fast forward a week and yet again, for a third week my Professor has had to cancel class. This time because his father in law has unexpectedly become incredibly ill very fast. Two days later the class was told that my professors father in law had past away. 

So much had happened in such a small amount of time for my professor. I did not want to overstep my boundaries as a student but I figured the least I could do was let him know he was in my prayers. I saw this as an opportunity to write him a note and leave in in his mailbox. I explained to him how thankful I was for all the effort he put into making his class enjoyable and helping me with almost every paper through the semester. I also left a grace bomb card in the note. I explained to him what grace bomb was and let him know his family was in my prayers. I told him the card had a website for him to check out and watch a quick 50 second video to help explain more the concept behind grace bomb. I also told him how easy it was for him to share his grace bomb experience and read others stories. My hope is that my professor feels encouraged and uplifted during this sad time.