Give it to the next person

I was using a Royal Farms gift card and saw there was $7/left on it after purchase. Gave the gift card to the cashier with a Grace Bomb card for whoever was next in line.

Later in the office I gave a grace bomb card to a Christian coworker who doesn't like to come to any church. He thought it was pretty cool and gave one to another coworker who overheard our conversation.

I read in a James Michner novel something about God that hasn't left me. God doesn't come to earth in white billowy robes with choirs of angels. He comes as a mom in the middle of the night rocking a sick child. He comes as a driver picking up a deaf woman needing a ride. He comes as a coach taking extra time to help a struggling kid. He comes as a young pastor praying for the right words for a Sunday morning sermon. He comes as an old man patiently caring for his aging bride.