Book Bombing

It is hard to pick "dropped" over "received" for this story. For the past several months I have been purchasing The Purpose Driven Life (from with BACC the charity recipient) and keeping a stack of two on the shelf over my desk (and a stash of 10 in my drawer) where I work, in an inpatient substance abuse facility. Because I have to be "politically correct" in my work, the books are just on display there. I do not offer them to my patients. But my patients, seeing them there, are free to ask me why they are there. "Why are they there? So I can give you one," I say with a smile. 
"Really? I can keep it? I've heard of this book." 
As I see about 25 patients a day, many see this book in the hands of others and also ask, "Hey can I borrow that book up there?" 
"You can have that book. No need to return it," I say with my heart ready to burst. I get reports from patients on how much they appreciate this book that they have heard about and now have the opportunity to own. One patient came in to my office and said, "I have to tell you something. One of the guys read out loud from the book this morning to the whole group. It was powerful." I smiled and told him I was really glad to hear that. Quietly my heart was rejoicing and I had to hold back tears.
I keep two books on my shelf and a ready stash to replace one as I give it away. They are so grateful to be given a book that may hold some promise on how they might defeat this monster of addiction. I am so grateful to be able to give them away. #Gracebomb boomerang :)