I am writing this for my boyfriend. He is on disability and no car, no anything to speak of. He was homeless for 24 years. I met him in a rehab 7 years ago. I come from good upbringing and somehow we have not been seen to separate. We fight and struggle to be "normal". Alcohol has been a fight for us both a long time. He is sober 10 days I took a minute I have 6. Kenny went out by Ritchie hwy, held a sign asking for help. We had no food, churches help but it's hard. A man in a car called Kenny over gave him a card and $50. I believe in God and I know good people are out there, but I felt so thankful for such a person to care out there, thank you for prayers your soul and heart, to some who need it's a gift of God through you, thank you 😙